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What is ExoDexa?

ExoDexa is an online platform that helps teens plan for their future and develop important skills for a well-rounded and successful life.

Suitable for 13 - 18 years olds. 

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Core Features



Online Learning Game

The Last Explorer is an exploration and crafting game that covers all high school subjects. Learning should be fun, at least we believe so!


Live Learning Sessions

Learn life skills and more at the comfort of your home, with our experienced teachers in our interactive game worlds.


Group Mentorship

Our Mentorship Program is led by college and career experts that have helped thousands of teens nationwide.




✔ Connect from anywhere in the world

 Get into college

✔ Improve grades

 Learn real-life practical skills

 Reduced school-related stress


Our Memberships

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  • Limited access to our groups
  • Full access to our exclusive resources
  • Access to our trial games
  • Basic
  • $ 20 / month
  •  Access to 1 live learning or mentorship series per month
  • Access to exclusive paid events
  •  Full access to our groups
  • ✓ Full access to our exclusive resources
  • ✓ Limited access to our games
  • ✓ Full access to our media center



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ExoDexa's mission is to bring premium education to every child in the world and we offer scholarships. Please contact us for more information.